Klaas Kickz Academy Schools Programme - How Does it Work?

Klaas Kickz Academy Schools Programme - How Does it Work?

Klaas Kickz Academy For Primary School Kids

Klaas Kickz has created and developed colour-coded football boot to help children learn the basics of kicking through colours + development of the fundamental movement skills. We are doing six week football programmes in schools to help children in Junior Infants - Second class learn the basics of kicking in a very very very FUN way!

We want to help children around Ireland learn fundamental movement skills so they can be more confident, make more friends and have LOTS OF FUN!

Klaas Kickz football boots will be included for all children taking part in our programme and they will be kept by the kids at the end of the programme so they can practice at home following the learn section on our website.

Did you know 50% of Primary School Kids in Ireland, Can't kick a ball correctly? (Belton, 2020)


Luckily Klaas Kickz is here to help.

Using our colourful rainbow football boots children in junior and senior infants will go on imagination adventures each week with football and FUN being at the heart of each session. From The Zoo to Pirates to Superheroes, each week will be filled with enthusiastic coaches teaching football in an easy way for kids to learn. Kids will say “No to the Toe” and learn good habits from a young age that can help them excel in football and in life. The kids will learn kicking, jumping, hopping, catching, agility, balance, coordination and most importantly of all - HAVE A GREAT TIME!

Using our colourful Klaas Kickz football boots, children in first and second class will play lots of fun games with football & FUN being at the heart of each session. At Klaas Kickz we help children to learn to LOVE sports, be active & be healthy. First and Second classes will play fun games to help learn the basics of passing, dribbling, shooting, catching, throwing, agility, balance & coordination in both Football & GAA. We will play games like Battleships, Lightning, Body Parts etc… all proven games that children absolutely adore!

With Klaas Kickz Academy we can now Pass with Green, Shoot with Blue and Say “No to the Toe” with Red. We aim to say goodbye to coaching jargon such as the inside of the foot, the outside of the foot, the sole and laces which young kids can find difficult to identify and remember and say 'Hello' to all the colours of the rainbow. 


Learning Through Colours

Location - School

During School Hours or Afterschool - School dependent

Time - 45 minutes per session

Classes - Junior, Senior, First & Second Classes

Extras - Klaas Kickz Football Boots Included for all Kids

Coaches - Fully Qualified with 10+ Years of Experience

Cost - Contact Us for a Quote



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