Empower children for generations to come

At Klaaskickz, we empower future generations by offering unique colour-coded football boots. Designed to teach young children the intricacies of playing football, these boots simplify the learning process, instilling confidence not just in the game but also in life. We believe that through football, kids acquire valuable life skills, shaping their paths for whatever they aspire to be.

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Why klaaskickz?

Why wear normal football boots when you can wear football boots that help your child learn football?

  • Easier and quicker learning for children aged 3-8
  • Gives children the confidence to develop life skills as well as football skills
  • Simplify the coaching and teaching of football
  • Online video lessons to help your child practice
  • Comes with a multi-coloured football guide to educate beginners

Learn how to play the beautiful game

The Klaaskickz boot is different from other football boots. Our colourful design doesn’t just look good on your feet, it helps you learn too.

We provide a series of regularly updated educational videos right here on our website. Whether your child is a pro in the making or a complete beginner, our videos help develop the technical side of their game. If you’re a coach, why not integrate some of our lessons into your training sessions?

Video lessons include:

  • A step-by-step guide on how to use Klaaskickz
  • The basics of football for beginners
  • Team skills and drills for volunteer and experienced coaches
  • Fun football games
Video Lessons
  • Soccerstars

  • Striker Online

  • Real Football Academy

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