How to select the RIGHT football boots for your kidS

How to select the RIGHT football boots for your kidS

We’re approaching the end of another year of school and I’m sure every parent in Ireland is thinking ‘What are the kids going to do for the WHOLE summer?’

One answer is SUMMER CAMPS!

Football summer camps are very popular in Ireland with one usually in every small town in Ireland during the summer. Soccer is the second highest participation sport in Ireland with 18% and GAA is the highest with 19% according to the TTSI index (2019).

What football boots should I choose for my kids?

There are absolutely loads of brands for kids footwear out there. Brands such as Nike, Adidas and Puma. We’d be silly not to mention them and we even buy some of their t-shirts now and again. However, education is at the core of Klaas Kickz.

Why wear a pair of normal kids boots, when you can wear a pair that teaches you how to play? It’s a no brainer!

Designed in County Roscommon by local designer Lorna Burke, Klaas Kickz is Ireland's first colour-coded football boot brand. We want to help kids around the world be more confident, make friends and have lots of fun.

Kids need to feel comfortable to be able to express themselves on the soccer pitch, “it’s what’s on the inside that counts” and that extra cushion soft padding on the inside of your Klaas Kickz shoe will make your children's feet feel MAGIC!  Why not go into your local stores in Mullingar, Newbridge and Navan and test our comfort for yourselves?

FOUR Top Tips you need to know for Summer Camps

  1. Correct Footwear - We’ve seen it hundreds of times, kids turning up for football camps in their trainers. Let’s make sure we have some good comfortable footwear for our kids so they don’t slip and fall in our unpredictable Irish weather.
  2. Beginners - A lot of children who go to summer camps are beginners and may only be playing football a year or two. Some kids have never played before. At summer camps we really want your children to have FUN! Coaches will use words like “Use the inside, outside, sole and laces to kick the ball” which can be difficult for children to identify on their own feet and then remember when it’s time to perform the skill. 

With Klaas Kickz football boots you can now - Pass with the Green, Shoot with the Blue and say “No to the Toe” with Red. Easy!

(Similar to our traffic lights)

3. Confidence - Day one of summer camp is absolutely key for the rest of the week. What do we mean by this? If you have a semi-shy kid and he/she doesn’t join in on the first day, feeling a bit anxious etc.. They are more than likely not going to want to come back the next day. So how can we make sure they feel good and are excited for summer camp? 

Sticking on your Klaas Kickz a few days before camp, following our training videos and teaching your kid the basics. Imagine having an exam in school and feeling anxious about what’s going to come up on the test paper. With Klaas Kickz your kid now knows all the answers. Voila

4. Making Friends - Where's Ciara? “She’s over at his friend Shannon's house”. At summer camps your child may not know anyone going to it but by Friday (usually the end day of summer camps) he/she could have made a new best friend that leads to endless playdates, fun times and a new BFF! Every parent wants their child to make friends and with that extra bit of confidence anything is possible!

Conclusion - Summer camps are a great way for your child to have fun, make friends, express themselves and have a great week of exploration while also learning some key fundamental basic movement skills. We will be listing a few summer camps that we’d recommend on our social media pages @Klaaskickz on Instagram and Facebook so make sure to give them a follow. Klaas Kickz enables children to learn and enjoy themselves to the maximum as they play football at these fun football camps.

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