Football Boots for Beginners

Football Boots for Beginners

Whether you are new to football, buying football boots for someone else or just simply want to learn more about football boots, we are here to help!

We know how daunting it can be, buying something you know absolutely nothing about. I once tried to buy my girlfriend's favourite perfume based purely on smell alone. You can imagine how long that took. So trust me, we get it!

Here are some tips you should consider when purchasing your football boots for beginners.


                    Did you know kids don't play on full size pitches until U13?


‍The most important thing when choosing football boots for beginners is comfort. Asking a child “How do they feel?” is a good indication as kids are normally honest and will tell you if they are not good. Test the inside of the boot and check how much cushion is on the inside. If there is not a lot of cushion, move on and find another pair as you want your kids feet to be protected when playing sports. 

Check and see how much room is at the top of your child’s foot. There should be between a half of a centimetre and a centimetre gap at the end for some extra toe wiggle room. If there is a thumb length of space then the boots are too big. 


Make sure and get boots that are durable and will last a long time. Do your research!

Leather vs Synthetic

Synthetic boots are completely water-proof meaning in those wet Irish weather conditions, they won’t let in any water and make your boots more heavy. The last thing you want when playing football is two bags of sand stuck to your feet. 


Everyone has different sized feet. Most boots fit a standard sized foot. If your child has extra wide feet, make sure you try on the boots before purchasing or choose an online site that has free returns when ordering. 


When a child feels like he/she are improving at sport, they are more likely to continue and live a healthy sporty lifestyle. Give your child the best opportunity to learn and consider football boots like Klaas Kickz Football Boots, which are colour-coded to help your child learn through colours. Did you know there are eight different parts of the foot you can kick with? This can be difficult for children to identify and remember when starting football. 


          Klaas Kickz Football Boots

                Extra Football Boot for Beginners Terminology




Studs are metal or plastic spikes that stick out from the bottom of the boots to help grip and prevent you from falling when playing sport.


The upper is simply the area around the tongue and laces


My opinion is that you should buy boots with laces to help your child to learn how to tie them. Although it can seem like less effort to buy velcro, the older they get without learning how to tie laces the more they will rely on you to tie them. We don’t want our kids to be embarrassed on the pitch. Head over to our Tiktok channel @klaaskickz for some fun tips on how to tie laces and some cool football skills and games you can try at home.


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