Award Winning Klaas Kickz Football Boots

Award Winning Klaas Kickz Football Boots

The National Startup Awards is held every year for the most promising products and services around the Island of Ireland.

This year Klaas Kickz was nominated for both the Regional Startup Awards and The National Startup Awards. Klaas Kickz Football Boots were nominated in the Product & Manufacturing category for their innovative way of teaching children the basics of kicking a football through their colour-coded football boots.

Klaas Kickz received the Bronze Award after their 15 minute pitch in Mccann & Fitzgerald offices in County Dublin.

By simplifying the learning process for young children under 10 years of age, kids will be able to learn the basics of kicking which will be beneficial for both soccer & GAA, make kids more confident and improve their ability to make friends.

Soccer is the worlds most popular sport, played by over 250 million people around the world in over 200 countries. We believe Klaas Kickz was selected for this award because of the positive impact it can have on children all around the world.

Confidence in Football, Confidence in Life.

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